Global Vaping LLC---- Laisimo Warranty Center in USA


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Return items to ( Mailing address):
Global Vaping LLC


Tel:  1 888 739 2909 

Add: 1500 S Milliken Ave., # F, Ontario, CA 91761,USA



The warranty process is as follows:

1.Call or email our customer service staff for warranty instructions.

2.Prepare an original purchase receipt for the item.

3.We will not send the “REPLACEMENT” back to customers until we get the device customers return to us.

4. For after sales details, clike the following link

   If you are a vendor or store owner, please click here to see warranty instruction


   If you are a end-user, please click here for help


 Warm Note: Please contact our customer service staff before returning any items to our warranty center. Otherwise we may return or not handle the returned items.